ICST 2023 conference

May 23, 2023

Dr. Árpád Beszédes, Dr. Tamás Gergely, Péter Soha, and Attila Szatmári participated in the 16th IEEE International Conference on Software Testing, Verification and Validation (ICST), a premier conference in the field of software testing research and practice, held in Dublin, Ireland between 16-20th of April.

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Paper published in the IEEE Computer Q1 journal

September 6, 2022

Members of the IoTCloud research group at the Department of Software Engineering have published a paper titled "Block the Chain: Software Weapons of Fighting Against COVID-19" in the IEEE Computer Q1 journal related to the final results of the FogBlock4Trust sub-grant project of the TruBlo EU H2020 project.

The paper is accessible on IEEE Xplore.

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