Paper on blockchain security published in IEEE Access

January 16, 2023

The article titled "Approaches to Overpower Proof-of-Work Blockchains Despite Minority", authored by Hamza Baniata and Dr. Attila Kertész has been accepted into the Q1 journal IEEE Access.

The paper discusses how the original blockchain (BC) technology, the Proof-of-Work (PoW), compares to other BC alternatives when it comes to security.

Although other BC models could provide higher scalability using less energy, PoW is still preferred for how it is claimed to remain secure even if up to 50% of the network is controlled by a dishonest party.

However, it was found that a dishonest miner in minority could technically take over the network using improved Brute-forcing, AI-assisted mining, Quantum Computing, Sharding, Partial Pre-imaging, and Selfish mining, among other approaches.

Thus, this paper can serve as a technical reference for practitioners and researchers when contemplating using PoW-based blockchain applications or when comparing PoW against other blockchain technologies in terms of adversary tolerance.

The article can be read on IEEE Xplore.

Page last modified: January 16, 2023