Spinal scan AI diagnostics

April 03, 2024

Researchers from the University of Szeged (SZTE) have developed, in cooperation with the Buda Health Centre Ltd. and IFUA Horváth & Partners Ltd., an application that can diagnose MR images of the spine.

The HUF 1.179 billion R&D project was funded by the National Research, Development, and Innovation Office.

It involved the development of text- and image-processing artificial intelligence modules by the Department of Software Engineering and the Applied Artificial Intelligence Research Group of the University of Szeged.

By scientifically processing tens of thousands of spinal MR scans, they have created a database of both image and textual information that will serve as a basis for the development of artificial intelligence algorithms and machine learning, which will potentially speed up manual diagnosis and make it more accurate.

A more in-depth article about the project is available in Hungarian on Index.

Page last modified: April 3, 2024