Article published in Internet of Things

October 3, 2023

An article titled “Distributed scalability tuning for evolutionary sharding optimization with Random-equivalent security in permissionless Blockchain” written by Dr. Hamza Baniata, Ahmad Anaqreh, and Dr. Attila Kertész has been published in the D1 journal Internet of Things.

The paper discusses the challenges of integrating blockchain technology into modern applications like the Internet of Things, particularly focusing on low throughput rates in permissionless settings. To address this issue, the authors introduce the Blockchain Optimized and Secure Sharding (BOSS) protocol, which optimizes node-shard allocation using a genetic algorithm. BOSS ensures security and unpredictability while improving scalability. The study demonstrates these enhancements in various scenarios and claims to be the first to optimize inter- and intra-shard scalability in permissionless blockchains while maintaining security.

You can read the full paper on ScienceDirect.

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