Ultrabalaton team-building marathon

May 26, 2023

Our team from the Department of Software Engineering undertook quite the challenge by participating in the ultramarathon around Lake Balaton in a 10-member team on the 6th-7th of May.

The team, named Runtime Exception, comprised of ten runners: Dr. Árpád Beszédes, Áron Búcsú, Dr. Judit Jász, Dr. Gabriella Kakuja-Tóth, Dr. Edit Pengő, Alex Pozsgai, Zoltán Ságodi, Dr. István Siket, Péter Siket, Edit Szűcs, and their dedicated drivers Márton Keleti and Dr. Gergely Tamás.

They finished the marathon in a staggering 20 hours and 33 minutes!

We extend our heartfelt congratulations to the team for their exceptional performance in this ultramarathon!

Page last modified: May 26, 2023