METASTRA project selected for funding

January 18, 2023

The proposal named CoMputer-aided EffecTive frActure risk STRAtification of patients with vertebral metastases for personalised treatment through robust computational models validated in clinical settings (METASTRA) led by the University of Bologna and supported by, among others, the University of Szeged passed the evaluation phase and was selected for funding!

METASTRA will combine Artificial Intelligence (AI)- and Physiology-based (VPH) biomechanical computational models to rework hospitals’ patient stratification of oncologic patients.

Those with a positive prognosis are susceptible to developing bone metastases that spread to their spine, reducing the load-bearing capacity of the vertebrae, and possibly triggering fracture. Therefore, these patients are often in need of demanding but vital surgery to stabilize the spine. The diagnosis of whether this operation is necessary is based on a scoring system that is inadequate in around 60% of cases.

METASTRA’s interdisciplinary approach is expected to cut the uncertain diagnoses from the current 60% down to 20% of cases. This will reduce patient suffering and reduce expenditure by 2.4B€/year. Guidelines for the stratification and management of metastatic patients will be drafted and disseminated in Europe and Worldwide, in collaboration with the main stakeholders.

The proposed project earned an impressive score of 14.50 out of 15.00 and excellent reviews. It will receive a grant of 5 999 942.50 EUR.

Preparations are underway, and the project will commence in the coming weeks!

Page last modified: January 18, 2023