Goodbrother conference proceedings available

July 21, 2022

The proceedings of the Goodbrother project’s International Conference on Privacy-friendly and Trustworthy Technology for Society conference are now available!

Dr. Zoltán Alexin’s (Department of Software Engineering) article titled “Entropy based approach to personal data” was among those published after the conference.

The article, which is freely available curtesy of the project, focuses on the industrial use of Big Data, which is essential for the training of AI systems. More specifically, the paper brings awareness to personal data privacy issues caused by the industry’s demand for huge amounts of training data derived from people’s personal information.

Personal data is often used for AI training, and although it undergoes a ‘de-identification’ procedure, it is still quite possible to reveal someone’s identity by combining so-called quasi-identifiers across different datasets.

The author proposes a statistical method, with the help of which data protection experts can review datasets before handing them over to industries.

In addition to Dr. Alexin’s piece, you can browse through the other articles of the conference on Goodbrother’s website! You may find them similarly interesting!

Page last modified: July 21, 2022