Net4Age Webinars

July 5, 2021

Dr. Zoltán Alexin (Department of Software Engineering) has been the leader of Working Group 2 in the Net4Age project since its start last November.

As part of the project, the Net4Age COST Action offers regular webinars every month, the recordings of which can be viewed on the project’s website.

The most recent webinar was held at the end of May, where the first main topic was the Homes4life project. The project aims to design buildings that meet the special needs of elderly people. The condominiums will have full accessibility and proximity to medical care, will offer public transport and will also be supplied with AAL equipment.

In the second part of the webinar, there was a presentation on the upcoming ISO/CEN 82 304-2 standard for the labeling of downloadable mHealth Apps, which (similarly to the energy/environmental labeling) will rate mHealth Apps from A to E based on a number of criteria, such as whether it is unhealthy or safe, how easy it is to use, is the data secure, and how robust the build is. A combined score is calculated from the rating, so that the Apps become comparable. The standard on labeling will go into effect soon, as the ISO member states accept it.

Page last modified: July 5, 2021