Article presented at SCAM

Sept 29, 2021

The article titled “CharmFL: A Fault Localization Tool for Python”, authored by Qusay Idrees Sarhan, Attila Szatmári, Rajmond Tóth and Árpád Beszédes (Department of Software Engineering) was presented at this year’s SCAM conference.

In the article, the researchers present a new tool called CharmFL, which is meant to aid the developers in the fault localization process for Python code.

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Article published by MDPI

Sept 15, 2021

An article written by Biswajeeban Mishra, Biswaranjan Mishra, and Attila Kertész (Department of Software Engineering), titled “Stress-Testing MQTT Brokers: A Comparative Analysis of Performance Measurements” was recently published by the open-access publisher, MDPI.

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Paper published in PeerJ

Aug 9, 2021

A paper titled “Actuator behaviour modelling in IoT-Fog-Cloud simulation” by András Márkus, Máté Bíró, Gábor Kecskeméti, and Attila Kertész (Department of Software Engineering) has been published in the prestigious open access journal PeerJ.

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Paper presented at ICME 2021

July 12, 2021

A paper titled “Hardware-aware Model Optimization Tool For Embedded Devices”, authored by Cagri Ozcinar, Dongsung Kim, Benjamin Rufus Duckworth, Shayan Joya, Nicolas Scotto Di Perto, Attila Dusnoki, Márkó Fabó, Dániel Vince, Gábor Lóki, Ákos Kiss, and Christopher Alder has been accepted for and presented at the ICME conference.

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Paper accepted for ICCQ 2021

March 29, 2021

Paper has been accepted for the first ICCQ Conference that was held in Moscow (online) in March.

The paper, titled “Towards a Prototype Based Explainable JavaScript Vulnerability Prediction Model”, authored by Balázs Mosolygó, Norbert Vándor, Gábor Antal, Péter Hegedűs, and Rudolf Ferenc (Department of Software Engineering).

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Paper published in MDPI

January 18, 2021

An open-access paper titled “Enhanced Bug Prediction in JavaScript Programs with Hybrid Call-Graph Based Invocation Metrics” by Gábor Antal, Zoltán Tóth, Péter Hegedűs, and Rudolf Ferenc (Department of Software Engineering) has been published by MDPI.

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