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The University of Szeged is one of the most prestigious universities in the Central European region, and according to the Academic Ranking of World Universities, 2010, it is ranked within the top 400 universities worldwide.

The Department of Software Engineering is one of the seven units of the Institute of Informatics at the University of Szeged. Based on the academic achievements of our researchers we have built up a remarkable software development capacity in several research fields. Due to the scientific excellence of our top researchers and the capability to integrate the innovative power of our research teams in our projects, we have a well established national and international reputation in the scientific world.

We believe that innovation is not the privilege of senior researchers. Should new ideas come from our partners, our students or the developer community, we are ready to channel them to the place where they can be used with the greatest benefit thus generating new business opportunities and scientific results.

At the beginning, the Department had a reasonably small number of researchers, but due to the growing number and size of our R&D projects, the high demand of our research partners and the market, now the Department counts over one hundred employees including administrative personnel, developers, students, and junior and senior researchers specialising in the most diverse areas of software engineering.


University of Szeged Department of Software Engineering
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Quarterly workpackage leader meeting – GINOP IoLT

December 2, 2020

On December 1st we successfully held the 15th quarterly workpackage leaders’ meeting of our GINOP Internet of Living Things (IoLT) project, where each workpackage could present the last quarter’s research progress and results.

Tibor Gyimóthy and Attila Kertész (Department of Software Engineering) took part in the meeting.

Page last modified: December 2, 2020

Otolaryngology ENT (ear, nose, throat) project released to doctors and patients

December 1, 2020

Dr. Vilmos Bilicki's team (Department of Software Engineering) has reached its next milestone in the Otolaryngology ENT (ear, nose, throat) project, which has successfully launched its clinical trials with patients recently. The tools and the software have also been released to two doctors who are already using them on patients with ear, nose, or throat pain (ENT).

Page last modified: December 1, 2020