Open source software development

Open source and free software have a great deal of potential both in terms of industrial development and education. Our team enjoys the benefits of the open source philosophy and the community, and also actively contributes to a number of valuable projects either as maintainer or developer. We actively cooperate with open source communities. Highlights of this work include browser and JavaScript engine development, compiler development, file system implementations, Drupal-based development, and the energy management of embedded systems. We have put great effort into the quality assurance of open source software since 2002.

There are several research oriented tools that were made open source as well, please visit the incubator and the official GitHub pages of the Department.

The Department sponsored, and was a co-organizer of, multiple instances of the Hungarian localized Software Freedom Day conference ( - in Hungarian).


"For the seventh year in a row, JavaScript is the most commonly used programming language" Stack Overflow Developer Survey Results 2019

The popularity of JavaScript has been steadily growing over the past few years until it became the most commonly used programming language. It has been driving web applications in web browsers since its inception, and it has also taken the server-side. Now, the Department is determined to make even the resource-constrained Internet of Things devices effortlessly programmable with the JavaScript language.

Together with its partners and under the umbrella of the JS Foundation, the Department has been developing the JerryScript lightweight JavaScript engine as one of its main maintainer. By now, the engine has reached full ECMAScript 5.1 standard compliance, while it can still fit into microcontrollers with less than 64 KB of RAM and less than 256 KB of flash memory. The open source project has built up an active contributor community, and became used in several hobby and industrial projects. Notably, JerryScript was and is being used in Pebble and Fitbit smartwatches.

Page last modified: January 11, 2020