EIG CONCERT Japan project selected for funding

February 12, 2024

The team of Dr. Attila Kertész has been chosen to participate in the upcoming joint call of EIG CONCERT Japan for Carbon-Neutral Cities.

The six research projects selected for funding are to commence in the first half of 2024 and be funded for a period of three years.

The Department of Software Engineering will take part in the project A proactive Social-based framework for SMART transportation (SO-SMART).

This project aims to create sustainable transportation solutions to reduce carbon emissions. A smart transportation system will be established using social networks, cloud computing, data science services, and co-designed by stakeholders and citizens. It will be experimented in the Onna-Ishikawa area of the island of Okinawa, which is currently under severe environmental pressure due to heavy transportation flows.

The team from Japan will manage the project, the development of social-based infrastructures and interactions with local authorities, socio-economical partners, and community associations. The team from Hungary oversees the development of the data infrastructure using innovative cloud computing capabilities. Turkey and France will contribute information and visualization, respectively.

The aim is to promote a transformative process that encompasses a social and smart community involved in the development of sustainable transportation services, addressing the call themes ‘Sustainable Smart UrbanMobility’ and ‘Air Quality in Carbon-Neutral Cities’.

Page last modified: February 12, 2024