Training School held for Goodbrother project

June 30, 2022

The Goodbrother project held its first training school in Skopje from 6-10th of June. Dr. Zoltán Alexin, who is a member of working group 1 in the project, was there to give his presentation titled Pseudonymization and anonymization of datasets.

Others from the University of Szeged also took part in the training school; Dr. Adrienn Lukács, an assistant professor from the Faculty of Law also held a presentation titled From Big Brother to GoodBrother: Introduction to the legal regulation of privacy, and two students from the Doctoral School of Computer Science attended the lectures.

The aim of the training school was to raise awareness of the ethical, legal and privacy issues related to audio and video surveillance and to propose privacy-aware working solutions for assisted living by creating an interdisciplinary community of researchers and industrial partners from different fields.

You can read more about the project and the training school on Goodbrother’s website.

Page last modified: June 30, 2022