Peripheral vascular monitoring project launched

Dec 14, 2021

Dr. Vilmos Bilicki’s Inclouded team has recently launched their peripheral vascular monitoring project, PERIPHERAL with 2 patients.

The team has developed a system that, through smart devices connected by the cloud, can help doctors more effectively monitor their patients without them even needing to set foot in the clinic.

The project reached the stage where it can be tested in real-life scenarios, therefore, a trial period has recently begun with the first two patients.

The peripheral vascular patients treated with lifestyle intervention are monitored using smart devices. These are: blood pressure monitor, scales, fitness bracelet, smartphone, home hub, stepper. Using these, the patient performs measurements, the results of which are seen in real time by the care team on a dedicated medical web interface. Smart devices connect to a home hub device via bluetooth. When a new measurement is made, the hub automatically uploads the result to the cloud and the web interface displays it. The system also includes a smart fitness bracelet that connects to the patient's smartphone and uploads the result of physical activity to the private cloud. With the data sent by the patient, the caregiver can fine-tune the therapy to achieve the best results for a given patient.

Page last modified: December 14, 2021