Inclouded – Sasmob case study

Sept 7, 2021

As a result of the long ongoing collaboration between the Inclouded group (Department of Software Engineering) and Sasmob, a case study was recently published, titled “Smart Cooperation for Sustainable Transport”.

One of its sections, “Traffic counting with smart devices", summarizes the results our group has achieved.

The goal was to provide enough up-to-date data for the municipality and transport providers to help them organize sustainable urban mobility in the city of Szeged.

In order to achieve this goal an automated passenger and traffic counting system was implemented based on the patented technology developed by the Inclouded group. During the testing period of the technology, two traffic counting sensors were installed in the Belvárosi Bridge and five public transport vehicles were equipped with sensors. Artificial intelligence was employed to monitor traffic – to count the number of passengers getting on and off vehicles, or the number of cars passing through the bridge. As the system only transmits quantity, the protection of personal data is ensured.

The data from the sensors can be used to get an idea of the number of cyclists and pedestrians on the bridge at different times of the day, how many cars or lorries cross the bridge, or how many people use a particular transport service. A novelty of the solution is that the public transport data gets organized into streams: i.e. not only do we get information about where passengers get on and off vehicles, but also what they do afterwards (walking or getting on another vehicle, for example), which is also valuable information for those organizing public transportation.

Page last modified: September 7, 2021