Project ‘Metabolic syndrome’ undergoing clinical trials

Aug 26, 2021

The Inclouded group at the Department of Software Engineering has been developing a project named "Metabolic syndrome", which is currently undergoing clinical trials with 65 patients involved.

The Motivation

Lifestyle interventions require significantly more interaction between the patient and the clinical side than in the case of pharmacological or device treatments: while the latter ones can be measured in minutes to hours, the former takes weeks or even months.

However, with the development of informatics, it is possible to perform lifestyle intervention on patients using a telemedicine system. This not only means that, for example, it is possible to follow the prescribed insulin doses, telemedicine can also play a role in optimizing patients' pharmacotherapy and nutrition.

The System

A patient with metabolic syndrome treated with a lifestyle intervention is monitored using smart devices. These include sphygmomanometers, scales, fitness watches, smartphones. With the help of these, the patient performs measurements, the results of which are seen in real-time by the care team on a dedicated medical web interface.

Smart devices connect to a home hub device via Bluetooth. When a new measurement is made, the hub automatically uploads the results to the cloud and the web interface displays it.

Heart rate monitored training can be tracked with the help of a fitness class that, when connected to a smartphone, uploads the results of the exercises.

The system also includes a nutrition diary software that runs on the patient’s smartphone: details of the meals listed here are also displayed on a dedicated web interface, broken down into meals.

Page last modified: August 30, 2021