Cogprofile online cognitive test battery-reference database

May 25, 2021

Our Inclouded team at the Department of Software Engineering is currently carrying out various population tests for the Cogprofile online cognitive test battery to compile a reference database with a representative sample of 300-400 people.


The aim of the Cogprofile online cognitive test battery is to provide a screening tool for cognitive decline that can serve as a basis for prevention and early intervention. As memory, attention, and language functions decline with age, it is crucial to diagnose impairment as early as possible and train impaired functions to avoid the development of more severe cognitive deficits.

Future plans include providing the users with personalized cognitive training packages adapted to the pattern of their cognitive functions and their impairments based on the cognitive assessment by the Cogprofile online cognitive test battery. The scheduled training package would send automatic notifications to the user who performs scientifically validated cognitive training exercises in an online environment. The training package includes repeated cognitive assessment and feedback. The scientifically validated training programs would help to maintain healthy levels of cognitive function for independent, active living. Repeated diagnostic assessments would provide the users and their families with up-to-date information on the cognitive functioning of the person being assessed and any clinical interventions that may be needed.

Page last modified: May 25, 2021