E-MUSE project kickoff meeting

February 2, 2021

The Marie Curie Innovative Training Network project titled „EMUSE – Cheese microbial Ecosystems MUltiScale ModElling: mechanistic and data driven approaches integration” held its kick-off meeting on January 21-22.

The University of Szeged was represented by Dr. László Vidács and Dr. Péter Pusztai (Department of Software Engineering). During the two-day online conference, members of the consortium from all over Europe discussed the scientific and management aspects of the project.

The scientific work will be organized around three work packages: Systems modelling (WP1), Data-based modelling (WP2), and Predictive modelling (WP3).

In WP2 and WP3, the University of Szeged will work together with biologists, computational biologists, and industry partners to improve the accuracy of knowledge-based models via data-driven approaches, and develop deep learning algorithms to predict cheese properties (such as flavor, texture, safety) based on the lower level biological, chemical, and physical properties of the biological system.

Though the first year's main challenge will be to find the most suitable candidates for the 15 early stage researcher (ESR) positions, in the coming months the partners will organize follow up meetings to develop the necessary infrastructure and discuss the details of the project’s implementation.

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