Paper published in the journal Software Testing, Verification & Reliability

October 15, 2020

A new article, titled “BugsJS: a Benchmark and Taxonomy of JavaScript Bugs.” has been published in the ICST Special issue of the prestigious international journal Software Testing, Verification & Reliability.

The authors, Péter Gyimesi, Béla Vancsics, Andrea Stocco, Davood Mazinanian, Árpád Beszédes, Ferenc Rudolf, and Ali Mesbah (University of Szeged Department of Software Engineering, Università della Svizzera Italiana Software Institute, University of British Columbia Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering) provide a much needed common benchmark for analyzing and testing JavaScript applications. The benchmark, called BugsJS, is a collection of 453 real, reproducible, manually validated bugs. The database contains each bug, accompanied by its bug report, the test case that exposed it, and the patch that fixed it. Overall, it is an excellent resource for those looking to study or automate the testing of JavaScript code.

You can find and try BugsJS on its GitHub page!

The paper is open access; it is available in the Wiley Online Library.
It also marks the 100th publication of Dr. Beszédes. ✨ 💪 💯

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