The GoodBrother project is underway

October 14, 2020

Following a kickoff meeting on the 29th of September, the EU COST project titled International Network on Privacy-Aware Video-Based Applications for Active and Assisted Living is now officially underway.

The University of Szeged is partnered with the institutions of 28 countries, working together under the leadership of the Spanish University, the University of Alicante. Among the SZTE participants are the Faculty of Law, the Department of Labor and Social Law, the Institute of Psychology, and The Institute of Informatics, all working together on different aspects of the project to ensure the effective development of the new platform.

Dr. László Nyúl, as the head, is responsible for overseeing the work of the Department of Image Processing, and Dr. Zoltán Alexin (Department of Software Engineering), with his expertise on data privacy, is working as a member of the management committee to make sure any legal or ethical issues that may arise are dealt with appropriately.

The project is concerned with the further development and proliferation of AAL (Active and Assisted Living) applications that use different sensors, such as cameras and microphones, to monitor the health quality and wellbeing of older or impaired people. Informally named ‘GoodBrother,’ the initiative is trying to offset people’s negative preconceptions of surveillance systems by taking extensive care to ensure that the users’ personal data remains protected (in accordance with the rules of GDPR) during data collection.

The project’s goal is to provide a collaborative opportunity and an open research platform for the developers and researchers of AAL applications. Moreover, it will finance travel opportunities and study trips to facilitate contact between the researchers, with additional summer schools for PhD students whose scope of interest the project aims to widen. The GoodBrother project is expected to go on for four years.

For further information about the action, visit the organizer's website.

Page last modified: October 22, 2020