Integrated Monitoring Approach for Seamless Service Provisioning in Federated Clouds

TitleIntegrated Monitoring Approach for Seamless Service Provisioning in Federated Clouds
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2012
AuthorsKertész Attila, Kecskeméti G, Marosi A, Oriol M, Franch X, Marco J
EditorStotzka R., Schiffers M., Cotronis Y.
Conference NameProceedings of the 20th international Euromicro conference on parallel, distributed and network-based processing
PublisherIEEE Computer Society Press
Conference LocationLos Alamitos

Cloud Computing offers simple and cost effective outsourcing in dynamic service environments, and allows the construction of service-based applications using virtualization. By aggregating the capabilities of various {IaaS} cloud providers, federated clouds can be built. Managing such a distributed, heterogeneous environment requires sophisticated interoperation of adaptive coordinating components. In this paper we introduce an integrated federated management and monitoring approach that enables autonomous service provisioning in fed- erated clouds. In this architecture, cloud brokers manage the number and the location of the utilized virtual machines for the received service requests. In order to provide seamless service executions, a state of the art monitoring solution is proposed that supports cloud selection performed by the management layer of the architecture. Our solution is able to cope with highly dynamic service executions by federating heterogeneous cloud infrastructures in a transparent and autonomous manner.

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