A holistic service provisioning solution for Federated Cloud infrastructures

TitleA holistic service provisioning solution for Federated Cloud infrastructures
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2012
AuthorsKertész Attila, Kecskeméti G, Németh Z, Oriol M, Franch X
Conference Name2012 1st International Workshop on European Software Services and Systems Research - Results and Challenges, S-Cube 2012
Conference LocationNew York

Cloud Computing builds on the latest achievements of diverse research areas, such as Grid Computing, Service-oriented computing, business process modeling and virtualization. As this new computing paradigm was mostly lead by companies, several proprietary systems arisen. Recently, alongside these commercial systems, several smaller-scale privately owned systems are maintained and developed. In this paper we present our research results performed within the S-Cube European {FP}7 {NoE} project to enable automated service provisioning for users on a highly dynamic infrastructure consisting of multiple Cloud providers. We developed a Federated Cloud Management architecture that provides unified access to a federated Cloud that aggregates multiple heterogeneous {IaaS} Cloud providers in a transparent manner. We have also incorporated an integrated monitoring approach that enables more reliable provider selection in these heterogeneous environments. © 2012 IEEE.

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