TANGO Workshop

Date: 3rd December, 2013

Place: University of Szeged, Hungary


  • University of Szeged: Tibor Gyimóthy, Rudolf Ferenc, Vilmos Bilicki, Lajos Schrettner
  • ELI-ALPS: Sándor Brockhauser, Lajos Jenő Fülöp

Presentations discussed in the workshop.


  • key concepts of the Tango Control System: device servers, configuration database, clients
  • integration of low level devices, detectors and diagnostics
  • history of Taco and Tango
  • background of Tango, participating institutes
  • server implementations of Tango: C/C++, Java, Python bindings
  • available client API-s for Tango: C++ Qt, Java (SWT), PyQt
  • Tango binding support for National Instruments’ Labview devices
  • Tango community: collaboration through open source developments
  • GUIs and workflow environment: Taurus, DAWN, Passerelle
  • Integrating data analysis software applications to Tango through device servers
  • Related formats and tools: ICat, SPEC, BLISS, Nexus, HDF
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