M2M and Embedded Systems

Machine-to-Machine ecosystems is a special field that has a wide variety of challenges. It has a strongly distributed and heterogeneous nature both in the physical and platform dimensions. It covers not only the field of software engineering but also telecommunications, hardware design and development, and several areas like healthcare and AMR. In various R&D and industrial projects together with our partners from industry and academy, we have been working in the area of embedded development (XEEMU, Flash, etc), communication technologies (Geant2, Geant3, Peces-FP7, etc) and scalable enterprise grade system design and development (C@R-FP6, CONVERGE-FP7, etc ). We have realized that in order to be able to effectively handle the challenges found in the M2M ecosystem a sophisticated and well elaborated, integrated approach is required. The Software Reference Architecture is a framework which helps us to describe not just the proposed architecture of the software, but also the tooling and methodology that should be applied in order to minimalize the Total Cost Of Ownership (TCO). We were responsible for the design and development of the software architectures on which the various projects were based (C@R-FP6, Converge-FP7, Proseniis, Medistance, etc.)

Key Projects

Converge - “Collaborative Communication Driven Decision Management in Non-hierarchical Supply Chains of the Electronic Industry”

EU FP7. Supply chain integration and real-time decision making in non-hierarchical manufacturing networks. The framework ensures that local and distributed decisions made by managers along the supply chain are achieved on the basis of all relevant and up-to-date pieces of information coming from other partners in the network. Read more

C@R - “Collaboration @ Rural: a Collaborative Platform for Working and Living in Rural Areas”

EU FP6. Design and development of the software architecture and, on the top of it, different software solutions in order to help the everyday life of the people living in rural areas. Read more

Proseniis – Hungarian National Technology Programme

Development of telemonitoring tools and effective homecare solutions for the elderly or sick and their families with the help of the fruits of medical and technological developments. Read more

Belami - Hungarian National Technology Programme

Research and development of industrial applications based on Ambient Intelligence in Hungarian-German cooperation. Read more

CO-LLABS – “Thematic Network for Community based Living Labs to Enhance SMEs Innovation”

EU FP6. Read more

Den4Dek – “Digital Ecosystems Network of regions for DissEmination and Knowledge deployment”

EU FP6. Den4Dek was a Thematic Network project financed by the EU ICT-PSP program (CIP). Read more

Key Partners

Nokia, SAP, General Electric Healthcare, Telenor, ETRA I+D (Spain), DERI (Ireland), CSIR (South Africa), PSNC (Poland), NIIF (Hungary), CAS (Germany), HSE (Finland)

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