Microsoft trainings

The aim of our training courses is to present the new technologies that have already been released or will be released in the near future. Technology specialists are invited to enrol in our courses.



2008 April

.NET Framework 3.0 and related technology

2009 November

Introducing the Windows 7 operating system

2009 December

Create business applications based on the Windows Presentation Foundation

2010 March

What’s new in ASP.NET 3.5

2010 October

Introducing the Microsoft cloud solution: Windows Azure

2011 March

Build applications in Windows Azure

2011 April

Introducing HTML5 and Internet Explorer 9

2012 April

Introducing the Windows 8 operating system


Lab Courses

In 2007, we organised two computer lab courses for our industrial partners. The topics of these courses were tailored to the requirements of our partners. The aim of the courses was to train company employees to learn the basics of a certain technology. During the courses the participants created one or more applications that were related to a given topic. At the end of the courses, the participants had the opportunity to take the related Microsoft Exam.




2007 July


Create Windows-based applications with Microsoft WinForms technology

2007 November

Pentatrade Ltd.

Develop Windows and Web applications in the Microsoft .NET Framework


Summer School

In 2011, we organized the First Microsoft Summer School for students in Szeged. All participants were required to have at least one-year experience in developing .NET applications using the Visual Studio package. The participants learnt the basics of .Net Framework 4.0, Silverlight and Windows Azure. During this 5-day long lab course, the students could create several applications on their own.