CO-LLABS – “Thematic Network for Community based Living Labs to Enhance SMEs Innovation”

CO-LLABS was a Thematic Network in the ICT-PSP program (CIP).

The overall objective of the Network was to achieve a European-wide adoption of ICT-based Living lab services and practices to allow SMEs to improve their innovation capabilities and processes and become part of “open innovation” environments.

The duration of the project was 28 months.

Key project partner was ESOCE NET – Project coordinator
CO-LLABS identified and developed specific pilots for Living labs based SME innovation in domains such as e-health, e-business and e-inclusion. The work was grounded in thorough exchange and understanding of current Living labs practices and experiences. The Thematic Network supported the interaction with policy makers at regional, national and European level to establish consensus on the Living labs approach as a cornerstone of European innovation policies, in particular at the regional and cross-regional level.