Software Development

  • Software development by command line tools; the usage of the make utility;
  • Development environments for applications running in graphical windowing operating systems: Windows API, Cygwin, X-Window, and OpenMotif;
  • Overview of X-Window system, presentation of several demonstrating software source codes;
  • X emulators in Windows, using the X font server;
  • Software development in Win32 SDK; Frequently used file types by their extensions: (.def, .rc, .res, .resx, .c, .cpp, .map, .obj). Main features of the components (menus, buttons, textboxes …) in Windows. The Win32 resources, their content, and structure;
  • How to write Win32 API programs, native window handling in C++;
  • Dialog windows, dialog message procedures and their properties, how to handle dialog windows and their components (Edit box, Button, Label, Frame, Icon, Menu, List box, Combo Box). Example programs for making dialog windows in Windows API and in MFC. MDI and SDI software development in MFC; the Document/View, architecture and the serialization.
  • Using ODBC interface for connecting and querying different database systems like MS Access, dBase, Oracle, MySQL.