Program Systems Development

  • Issues with distributed systems, the basic metrics of the middleware
  • Issues related to the design process of distributed objects oriented systems (UML, meta model, local vs. remote objects)
  • Object oriented middleware (Computer networks, different types and services of the object oriented middleware)
  • Functions and services provided by the application servers (JBoss, IIS, WebSphere)
  • Corba, COM, Java/RMI, Web Services (meta models, architectures)
  • Communication among the objects (Synchronization, multiplicity, reliability)
  • Object lookup (Naming solutions)
  • The life cycle of the objects
  • Presistence (The issues with the persistence, Solutions (Hibernate, EJB 2.0, EJB 3.0))
  • Distributed transactions (Background, Multiple phase commit, Long running transactions)
  • Design patterns (Design patterns for EJB, .NET, Architectural design patterns)
  • Security (Threats, Solutions)