Legal, Ethical and Informatics Issues of Personal Data Protection

  • Historical overview. The immunity of home and private life, and the confidentiality of personal correspondence and communication;
  • Basic concepts concerning to the course, and international legal instruments controlling jurisdiction on personal data protection;
  • Overview of most important international treaties, and Hungarian laws, decisions of the Constitutional Court;
  • The recommendations of the Council of Europe and Working documents of the European Commission;
  • Elements of the special legal rulings concerning to personal health data;
  • Outstanding data protection commissioners in the EU member states, and their activities;
  • Ethics of database research in the mirror of international publications;
  • Special biometric personal data: fingerprints, iris image, lip print, blood, DNA, proteomic profile;
  • Questions of physical data protection, encryption.
  • Crimes against electronic systems.
  • The task of the DPOs (Data Protection Officers).
  • Methods for anonymisation of personal data and the most important ethical questions of anonymisation;
  • The transparent state and the opaque citizen, and the freedom of information based on László Majtényi’s work.
  • The Hungarian Data Protection Commissioners, annual reports, and their most important statements.