Distributed Application Development

  • Main features of the C# programming language, the basics of the development environment. The language syntax, changes, differences. The memory usage paradigm of the .NET C#. The structure of C# programs.
  • How the .NET Framework does work? Access and usage of most important CLR library classes for the development of Windows Forms applications.
  • The most common Forms components and their properties. Customizing Forms, making them alive by processing different messages and responding to them. SDI, MDI and MultiSDI style user interface. How to write MDI (Multiple Document Interface) applications.
  • Introduction to resources. Writing international applications by the help of the CultureInfo and the ResourceManager helper classes.
  • Processing information stored in the Settings database. Binding component properties to user Settings.
  • Writing threaded applications, the timer component. Introduction to graphics. What is managed C++?
  • Writing database client applications using ADO.NET. Connecting to ODBC and OLE DB data sources like Oracle, MySQL, MS SQL Server.