Computer Network

  • Data and computer communications. Reference models,, OSI and TCP/IP. Standardization.
  • Physical layer, protocols, medium,radio and satellit data communication. V24, X.21, ISDN, PSTN, GSM, CATV protocols and systems.
  • Data link, point-to-point communication, error contol, AP, HDLC and PPP protocols.
  • Local networks, IEEE 802 standard. High speed LAN-s and MAN-s. Ethernet/802.3, WiFi, WiMax and Bluetooth protocols.
  • Network layer structures. Line, message, packet and cell switching. Routing, congestion control and deadlock. IP, OSPF and BGP protocols. Internetworking.
  • Transport elements: addressing, connection control, flow control and multiplexing. UDP, RTP and TCP protocols.
  • Application of computer networks, DNS service, e-communcation, information systems. SMTP, NNTP, HTTP protocols. Groupware, social networks and multimedia.
  • Security of networks, cryptography, public key infrastructures, digital certificates. Data networks, e-mail and web security.