BSc topics for Engineering Informatics students

Zoltán Alexin, PhD

  • Logic programming
  • Computing tasks related to natural language processing
  • XML technology
  • Visual C/C++ or C# applications

External topics

  • Topics of PEC Ltd.
  • Topics of NETLABOR Informatics Ltd.

Árpád Beszédes, PhD

  • Source code generation from higher level representations
  • Discovering hidden dependencies in faulty programs by applying dynamic slicing
  • Creating dynamic slicing algorithm in GNU environment
  • Generating inner representations by applying MDA
  • Impact analysis methods in regression testing
  • Software reliability and testing efficiency
  • Analysing static dependencies, designing and implementing algorithms, identifying hidden dependencies
  • Dependency clusters
  • Dependency discovery based on different software information
  • System level dependency analysis
  • Applying dynamic method binding during debugging
  • Applying impact analysis for software costs estimation
  • Generating automatic test data for supporting performance testing
  • Test automation in special environment
  • Developing comprehensive quality models
  • Applying CPM method for generating test cases from high level representations

Vilmos Bilicki, PhD

  • JBoss cluster performance analysis and application development

Mihály Bohus

  • Ipv6 network protocol testing
  • Ipv6 multicast protocol testing
  • Milestones of the history Hungarian computer science
  • The history of Hungarian terminal-, data-, and computer networks

Rudolf Ferenc, PhD

  • Source code static testing (for Java, C#, C, C++ languages)
  • Source code documentation (Reverse engineering)
  • Methods for reconstructing software system architecture (Reverse engineering)
  • The role of source code metrics in software quality assurance
  • Recognition of design patterns in object oriented program code
  • Recognition of design deficiencies in object oriented program code

Tamás Gergely, PhD

  • Creating automatic testing environment for testing analysers
  • Environment for analysing slicing algorithms
  • Semantic comparator for XML
  • Correction in LaTeX

Ferenc Havasi

  • Drupal development
  • Developing a system supporting web based group role play
  • JavaScript logo editor
  • Program development for Android

External topics

  • Topics of RITEK Company Ltd.

Lajos Schrettner, PhD

  • Program solving with parallel program
  • Program solving with functional program

László Vidács, PhD

  • C/C++ processor scheme applications
  • Controlling coding rules